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    Project Details:

    Punny Pickles is a collection of 1,858 unique artworks generated from 100% hand-drawn traits created on the Ethereum blockchain. Pickles you say? Yes, pickles. Who says pickles don't belong on a blockchain?

    Each pickle is unique and has varying trait combinations from over 150 different characteristics, all pickled to perfection. Some are rarer than others, including some very special 1/1s, but each pickle is dope!

    Every pickle NFT holder has full ownership and commercial rights usage of their pickle. That's right, you can wear it, brag about it, and use it however you want (...just don't get caught playing with your pickle in public!). OK that's enough now, you can put your pickle away... *cough.* Show off.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Wen Mint?

      Minting has already completed!

    • How much does it cost to mint?

      FREE MINT!

  • The Roadmap:

    There is no official roadmap currently.

  • Whitepaper:

    There is no official whitepaper currently.